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— Frequently Asked Questions About Our Employees —
C.P.Q. Nurses, Inc. services Colorado.
1. What are your service hours?
A C.P.Q. representative is available 24/7 at one of the following numbers to answer any questions you may have and/or take an order.
Colorado 303-691-0744
Corporate 720-200-4885
Long Distance 800-522-1950
Fax 303-694-3552

2. Is C.P.Q. an equal opportunity employer?
C.P.Q. Nurses, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and hires qualified employees and/or candidates regardless of their race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, sex, age, marital status, or physical or mental handicap.
3. What type of personnel does C.P.Q. handle?
C.P.Q Nurses, Inc. recruits and staffs personnel for all areas and departments in the medical field such as:
Administrative Management Assisted Living/Group Home
Ambulatory Surgical Centers Billing/Insurance/Collections
Data Entry Medical Laboratory
Dental Offices Pharmacy
Medical Doctor's Offices Radiology
Medical Records Clinical/Didactic Instructors

Ambulatory Surgery Cardiovascular Coronary Care/Cath Lab
Clinical Instructors Clinics Correctional Care
Critical Care Emergency Room Floats
Geriatrics GI Lab Intensive Care
Labor & Delivery Medical ICU Medical Surgical
Neonatal ICU Neuro ICU Newborn Nursery
Obstetrics Occupational Health Oncology
Operating Room/Scrub/Circulate Orthopedics PACU
Pediatrics Pediatric ICU Progressive Care
Psychiatry Rehabilitation Surgical ICU


4. Does C.P.Q. use independent contractors?
5. What are C.P.Q.'s minimum requirements before an employee is hired?

When it come to hiring a candidate, C.P.Q. Nurses, Inc. has in place a risk control procedure manual, (avoidance, prevention, and reduction of risk) that is strictly enforced. This way our clients can be assured that C.P.Q. Nurses, Inc. has done everything to assure the client that the candidate has no criminal record, a valid license, etc. that might affect the client's operation.

The following is a partial list of the minimum requirements that are followed before an employee is sent out on assignment.

A Current CPR Card Experience Skills List Per Their Classification
A Physical Examination Test Per Their Classification
Chest X Ray or TB Test Drug Tested (10 Panel)
Current Professional License (if Applicable License Verification
Form W-4 Form I-9
Social Security Card Verification Current Experience
MMR (vaccinations/titer) Hepatitis B Declination
Completed Application Signed Job Description
E-Verify Fit Test
OIG Criminal Background Check
GSA(SAM) Job References
OFAC Varicella (vaccination/title)
Sex Offender

6. After an employee is hired by C.P.Q. are there any additional requirements?

Some clients have special requirements that are not normally performed by C.P.Q. Nurses Inc. If this is the case, C.P.Q. Nurses Inc. would need a list of what is additionally required.

After a candidate is hired he or she is required to read all the company policies and procedures and any special procedures required by a client.

Here is a partial list of our reading orientation:

Age-Specific Guidelines Back Belt
Back/Body Mechanics Client Requirements
Code Of Conduct Company Policies And Procedures
Compliance With OSHA Regulations Cultural Competencies
Customer Service Fire, Electrical, and Patient Safety/Health Program
HIPAA Hazard Communication
Infection Control/Universal Precautions Organ Donation
Pain Management: Patient's Rights Preventing Workplace Violence
Prevention Of Abuse and Neglect Radiation
Restraint Protocol Self Determination And Advance Directives
Sentinel Events Violence in Work Place

7. Can a client review a C.P.Q.'s employee personal data before filling a need?
Yes! Personal data on a C.P.Q. employee/candidate is highly confidential and for a client's confidential personal use only. A release from the employee/candidate is obtained before it is submitted to a client.
8. What holidays does C.P.Q. recognize?
C.P.Q. Nurses, Inc. recognizes the following holidays, for which the client will be billed at time and a half of our standard rate per classification of employee and shift worked.
New Year's Day Memorial Day July 4th
Labor Day Thanksgiving Day
*Christmas Eve Christmas Day *New Year's Eve

*Overtime on Christmas Eve and New Yearswill start at 3:00 PM on the 24th and 31st.
    (If approved by facility)

9. If a C.P.Q employee works overtime, will I be billed overtime rates?

Yes! All C.P.Q. Nurses, Inc. field employees required to work overtime necessitates the authorization of the client. Overtime is time worked over forty hours in a work week or twelve consecutive hours in a calendar day.

When a client requires a C.P.Q. Nurses, Inc. employee to work overtime, this will be billed and paid at time and a half or whatever is required by law for that state per classification and shift worked.

10. Can I get a certificate of insurance?
Yes! (to clients only)
11. When will I be billed for the services rendered?
All clients are billed weekly for services rendered by a C.P.Q. Nurses, Inc. employee. Our invoices are mailed on Wednesday following the close of the work week with a copy of all employee time cards. The invoice will also include the date each employee worked, the shift, their name, their classification, when they worked, the number of hours worked, rate per hour you are being charged and the total charge per employee. Invoices are mailed or done electronically as per facility request.
12. What if C.P.Q. cannot fill my order?
Although C.P.Q. Nurses, Inc. would like to fill all your needs our experience has proven that in most cases that would be an impossible task. We keep in close contact with the facility regarding the status of any open needs.
13. If I am unhappy with a C.P.Q. employee can I send that employee home?
Yes! The client has the right to send a C.P.Q. Nurses, Inc. employee home at any time during an empoyee's scheduled time for just cause.

In the event a client does send a C.P.Q. Nurses, Inc. employee home for just cause, the client must notify C.P.Q. Nurses, Inc. of this action immediately. In such a case the client will be billed from the time the C.P.Q. Nurses, Inc. employee reported to work until the time the employee left assignment or a minimum of four (4) hours whichever is greater.

14. Can I hire a C.P.Q. employee?
Since we are not an employment agency and the service we render is made possible only through considerable investment in advertising, recruiting, testing, and training, we off the following:

Option 1:
The customer or client may hire the C.P.Q. Nurses, Inc. employee without paying a fee after the employee has worked a total of one thousand and forty hours at the customer's or client's facility. During this period the employee will be an employee of C.P.Q. Nurses, Inc. and the customer or client will be billed an hourly rate for the services rendered by the employee.

Option 2:
If the customer or client hires the C.P.Q. Nurses, Inc. employee before he or she has completed one thousand and forty hours, the customer or client agrees to pay the liquidation fee set at that time.

A long term assignment can be as short as thirteen (13) weeks to a maximum of twenty-six (26) weeks. The client is required to guarantee that they will work the C.P.Q. employee a minimum of thirty-six (36) hours a week.

This option gives the client the right to schedule the employee to work as needed.

In addition, once the C.P.Q. employee works a minimum of one thousand and forty hours for the client, the client has the right to hire that employee, without suffering any prorated buy-out amount.

Option 4 - DIRECT HIRE
The client gives C.P.Q. Nurses, Inc. a job description, job requirements, wage scale, benefit package, any bonus being offered, relocation package, any bonus being offered, and any other information being offered. The more information and benefits the better.

C.P.Q. Nurses, Inc. would then advertise and recruit for the candidate that best fits the requirements of the client.

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