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About Us

C.P.Q. Nurses' was founded in 1977, when we saw a need for a nursing service that could handle the needs of their clients no matter what they requested. We felt that this service demand should be handled in a flexible, responsive manner, providing care at a level necessary to meet both the patient and client needs, in the most cost effective matter.

We also understood the value of having qualified employees to fill the needs of our clients. These employees needed to be qualified for their assignments and treated with respect, while insuring that each employee was paid on time and for the correct amount.

Our concept of treating the patients and employees with the same respect we would treat a family member or loved one quickly caught on, whereby within one year C.P.Q. Nurses, Inc. grew to be one of the largest medical staffing companies in Colorado, (according to our survey).

As C.P.Q. Nurses, Inc. enters years of continuous service to the medical community, it is reassuring to know this Colorado based company is still owned and run by its original founders.

We practice what our company initials stand for.

Compassionate – An attribute of utmost importance, enabling the nurse and patient to interact on that personal level, thus fulfilling the spiritual and mental well-being of each individual.

Professional – An attribute that assures the patients they are in capable hands, thus developing the security necessary to expedite a speedy and total recovery.

Qualified – A competent person in the health care field who has been trained to utilize those skills necessary in their classification.

Will work around your needs
Economical pricing
Carefully screened applicants
Accurate billing
Response time - excellent
Exceptional Office Staff


The mission of CPQ is simple, and has been adhered to since the founding by an RN in 1977. She believed every patient should be treated as if they were her parent, loved one or friend. Our caregivers improve quality of life of those they care for.


  • To preserve each persons worth and dignity by treating him/her with respect and regard for his/her individuality.

  • To facilitate the patient's return to optimum health by utilizing the highest standards of patient care.

  • To provide a safe environment for the patient, personnel, and visitors by observing the established safety rules.

  • To identify the basic physical and psycho-social needs of each patient and maintain written care plans directed toward fulfilling these needs.

  • To be aware of the patient's individual spiritual needs and those of his/her family; to meet specific religious requirements by providing privacy and appropriate clergy.
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